Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where women work alongside men and enjoy a totally free life. I come from a lower middle-income family where my dad found it hard to make ends meet with his meager income as a worker in a factory. As I dropped out of college without a degree, it was not easy to find a decent job to support my family.

That was when I decided to work as an escort in Delhi. One of my friends was already in this industry, and she told me that I could easily become a top Delhi Escort because of my beautiful face and curvy body. 

I kept My job as a Delhi Escort a secret from my family

My parents have a religious nature and they have high moral values. I knew they would not be able to digest the truth. I also knew that my job would bring disrepute to my family. So I tried my best to hide this fact from my family. I told them that I had got a job as a receptionist in a hotel.

My Delhi Escorts agency used this hotel as a base for the escorts and the clients. So it was not difficult for me to keep my profession a secret from my family. 

I had to overcome my inner fight before working as a Delhi Escort

To tell you the truth, I was not comfortable with the idea of having physical relationships with strange men. But when I knew that I would get thousands of Rupees for spending time with a client, I gave my consent.

I thought it was better to enjoy time with clients rather than grinding it out in an office for a 9 to 5 job. I accept that I was not relaxed the first time I had to go and meet a client. He turned out to be a 35-year-old man who just wanted to have a good time in the romantic company of a beautiful girl. I realized that his job was not difficult as I had everything to mesmerize and keep my clients happy. 

I have come a long way forward as an Escort in Delhi

After dealing with a few clients, I knew how to dress up and what to do in bed to make a man happy and satisfied. I even learned how to give a blow job as most men want to experience this act to fulfill their fantasies. Today, I have become one of the most popular escorts in Delhi. I work on my conditions and enjoy the luxuries of life with my family.

This profession has given me a lot of money to live a decent life. I intend to save a lot of money in my bank account before I say goodbye to my career as a Delhi Escort

After having worked as an escort for more than 5 years, I can say that life as a Delhi Escort is not bad at all. I have earned money if not respect from this profession.